Clay Pigeon Trading™ is a consciously curated™ specialty coffee roastery and coffee bar located in Cape Town, South Africa. We are the first (and currently the only) coffee roastery in Africa to offer a 100% traceable and transparent coffee, endorsed by the Transparent Coffee and Transparent Trade Coffee. Globally, we are No. 55 in the world to sign The Pledge. We procure and roast only Specialty Q/Grade coffee from the African continent. We have a pro-Africa agenda, trading with African coffee farmers exclusively and directly in an effort to support farmers who profit first. 

Why are traceability and transparency important? While traceability gives information about the source and/or origin of green coffee, transparency discloses the profits generated along the value chain. This is crucial from both a sustainability and humanitarian perspective. For the most part, coffee producers are living hand to mouth, and do not have the resources to invest in sustainable and profitable farming practices. Transparent value chains challenge current pricing mechanisms and allow consumers to make informed and conscious purchasing decisions. This, in turn, directly impacts producers, helping them invest in more sustainable and profitable farming practices.